Everything in the universe vibrates to exist …
we are frequencies and musical notes.

String Theory says: the primordial particles (quarks and electrons) are made up of energy, which vibrate in different shades, to form the different particles which, in turn, form all there is…
We are sound frequencies. Numerous experiments have demonstrated changes in the molecules through the quality of ambient sounds…
We are musical notes which change in contact with different frequencies. Through sound, we can change our patterns of vibration and through dance, we can get dismiss other patterns which no longer serve us.

The proposal for a Moon Dance Party is to collectively tune frequencies and vibrate to a new song, materializing a new reality…
A ceremony, a salutation to the Moon… a symbol that everything needs to vibrate in transformation to exist. A space to dance barefoot and remember that we are all melodies of the same masterpiece.




With ALLIX, Zen Baboon / Zen Racoon, Iva, SIGIL, BALANCE, SERGIO WALGOOD

Event infos

Date : 2016-07-30 to 2016-07-31
Venue :

Eka Palace
Calçada Don Gastão,
12, porta 8, 1900-194 .
Lisboa / Portugal