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Juan Carlos Taminchi is a young Peruvian artist who have has inherited from the Andine and Amazonian cultures.

At 8 years old, the surrounding nature drew his attention and stimulated his drawing abilities, and thus opened the possibilities to artistic dreaming.

In college, he attended an artistic course that gave him a strong longing to study arts at the Pucallpa School of Arts, where he became an Art Professor.

Going in search of new artistic trends, he discovered the spirits world and sacred plants, which enabled him to deepen his approach to Visionary Art – a sacred and spiritual, art given by mother earth.

He took part in several exhibits and attended several workshops with other visionary artists of his area. In October 2009, he made his first individual art exhibit that was named “Aratazonies” in Paris, the French capital city.

After, he acted on behalf of an association of Amazonian painters and sculptors named ONANYATI, which means in Shipibo language “Wisdom from ancestors” and he attended the collective exhibit “Jamais trop d’art” in Tournai, Belgium.

Today, his art pieces are displayed in Europe and South America under the umbrella of the association ONANYATI. Taminchi is also a member of the non-governmental association LLAPANCHIS (together in Quechua).

In our days Juan Carlos Taminchi is starting to collaborate with us for our big pleasure introducing you some reproduction of his painting and also customizing unique Sacred Pipe for ceremonies.


The Ayahuasca visions of Juan Carlos Taminchi. 


Some Reproduction  signed By Juan Carlos Taminchi Here :



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Juan Carlos Taminchi - Guardian-Del-Futuro